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The Cycle Hub accumulates over 30 years experience in the cycling industry. Not only have we been involved in running cycling holidays and a bike shop but there are just three Level 3 Guides in Ireland and one of them is in the Cycle Hub!

Cycling can mean many things to many different people, a form of transport, a sociable outlet, something to challenge yourself or a way to explore the world. We are here to offer advice and services, our aim is to be a lot more that a shop but an opportunity to chat to the experts and meet others who love cycling over a cup of coffee!


We have a wide array of products to choose from.   We will have a good selection of touring,  road and e-bikes  as well as all accessories you need to get you on the road.


From getting a puncture fixed to bringing life back to an old bike and everything inbetween.  We have a team of excellent, experienced mechanics here to help.

Cycling Safaris

We have 30 years experience organising cycling tours all over Ireland & Europe.  From a cruise around the Croatian islands to taking on some of Europe’s most iconic climbs


We are delighted to partner with Shutt Velo Rapide to exclusively offer its cycle gear for men and women.  Made with Italian style and created in the latest performance fabrics.

Bike Fits

In our Cycle Hub Bike Clinic we offer a full bike fit to measure you up exactly onto your bike.  A perfect way to iron out any niggles you might experience on the bike.

Bike Rental

We have both touring and road bikes available for rental from our Dun Laoghaire base. A great opportunity to visit the area and cycle the wonderful nearby routes.

Custom Made

We can create a custom made titanium bike built around your exact requirements.  You choose all the components and the service finishes up with a bike fit.  A true one off…


We have been running bike maintenance and cycle safety courses for many years.   The courses are aimed at giving hands on training on how to maintain and look after your bike.

The Hub Café

Come in and enjoy a quality Barista coffee. An espresso is synonymous with a pre-cycle boost and nothing like a coffee and cake after a ride!

Where to Find us

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